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1. London and UK

Jean spoke on a panel at Halkevi, the Turkish and Kurdish Community
Centre in Stoke Newington, Hackney, on the issue of violence against
Kurdish women, as part of a public event.

As part of Refugee Week, Jean spoke at the national conference on
deportations to Iraq in central London, along with MPs and
representatives of refugee rights organisations. She has joined the
national committee of the campaign organisation, the Coalition to
Stop Deportations to Iraq.

On the eve of the World Day Against Torture, Jean spoke at Liberty's
emergency demonstration outside the US Embassy calling to close
Guantanamo Bay and end "torture flights". Liberty is calling for an
independent inquiry into UK assistance with CIA torture flights.

Jean was a guest at the multicultural environment day at Al Tawhid
Mosque in Leyton. There was a children's competition and Jean awarded
the prizes!

GHARWEG held a seminar on immigration in the UK, with a focus on the
BNP. Jean was the Green Party speaker, and, as well as contributions
from the other political parties, discussions were led by Christian
Aid's Head of Global Advocacy.

CND and the Indian Workers Association held a conference in Leicester
on nuclear issues in relation to South Asia, which sought to raise
these issues with the people from the UK's Asian population. Jean led
a workshop and spoke in the Plenary, giving a Green perspective, and
focusing on sustainable development. Anti-nuclear MPs participated,
along with CND chair, Kate Hudson.

Jean attended the Rise Festival at Finsbury Park, along with fellow
London Greens, where the new bespoke leaflet/membership form was

Jean was a panel speaker at the European Commission's conference
aimed at increasing London's voluntary sector involvement in policy

Jean attended the annual Waltham Forest Green Fair, along with other
local Greens.

Constituents' concerns
Jean has received a lot of correspondence on the situation in
Lebanon, following the start of the Israeli military attacks. Jean
has signed a joint letter to Tony Blair and has written to the EU
President, calling for greater action to bring about an immediate
ceasefire and a negotiated settlement. Jean's statement on the
situation is included elsewhere in this newsletter.

Jean has also received a lot of letters on LGBT issues, specifically
in relation to Eastern Europe and Russia, following ongoing anti-LGBT
attitudes and violence, and the decision of the Latvian authorities
to ban Gay Pride in Riga. Jean has been making regular statements on
these issues and will continue to work via the Parliament's LGBT
Intergroup to push these issues at EU-level.

Jean submitted an objection to Novera Energy's proposed gasification
plant, planned for Havering. She highlighted how the technology,
though not identical to mass burn incineration, requires the use of
paper and plastic, which should be recycled.

A response was also made by Jean to Defra's consultation on its Air
Quality Strategy. Jean highlighted the need to maintain legally
binding standards, including high binding standards at EU-level. She
focused on the need for action to curb aviation and for traffic
reduction if air quality standards are to be reached (currently they
are not).

Seminar on waste and fuel
Jean hosted a half-day expert seminar on waste and fuel. A speaker
from Imperial College gave a presentation on hydrogen fuel
technology, with possible applications for London.

2. Brussels and Beyond

Jean hosted an EPSU (European Federation of Public Services Unions)
journalists meeting in Brussels where social services were the topic
of debate.

Jean gave the European Parliament perspective at this conference on
transport and social exclusion. The UK is the first national
government to mainstream accessibility policy. Jean highlighted how
we can integrate transport into social policies and vice versa.

Finnish Presidency EMPL meeting
In a meeting with employment representatives from the new Presidency,
Jean listened to their social affairs priorities and put forward the
Green's pressing issues. One of the key policy areas to be addressed
by the Finnish Presidency will be improving the quality of working life.

European Policy Centre Conference
Jean chaired a conference session on the subject of free movement,
which focused on UK research about why people from the new member
states are working in the UK and why employers want them.

Jean talked with the President of Medecins du Monde to discuss third
country nationals and access to care. Later in the week she met with
a group of Sri Lankan MPs. Jean also participated in a British
regional trade unionists Q&A session about how the EP works.

In Strasbourg this month, Jean delivered two speeches to Plenary. In
the first, Jean called for the Parliament's Inquiry into alleged CIA
torture flights to continue its investigation. She also spoke on
migration, highlighting the need for a holistic approach which
addresses both trade and development.

Jean travelled to Serbia to speak at a Summer Camp which was part of
a European Youth Campaign for Diversity. Jean talked about anti-
discrimination and the Green European vision.

3. Comment on Current Affairs

Jean has been receiving a lot of constituent letters on the situation
in the Lebanon. Here is an extract from her response (the full text
is available at http://www.jeanlambertmep.org.uk):

I am horrified by what is happening in Lebanon - which has only very
recently begun to experience real independence after years of
conflict and effective occupation by both Israel and Syria.

I consider Israeli action in both Gaza and Lebanon to be
disproportionate, collective punishment. I believe the British and US
Governments should have supported the UN in calling for a ceasefire,
pushing for a negotiated settlement and an international UN
stabilising force. Israeli action, in face of severe provocation,
will only make a peaceful, sustainable outcome more difficult.

I am sure the Green Group in the European Parliament will renew its
calls for the suspension of the EU-Israel agreement and reiterate our
demands for Israel to pay the tax money which is due to the
Palestinian authorities. Failed states are not in the interests of
their own citizens or the international community. We also support
the need for international humanitarian aid.

Although it is difficult for the EU to speak with one voice on this
matter, given the position of the UK Government, I welcome reports
that the Finnish Presidency of the EU has made it clear that the EU
has not given a green light to Israel to continue its military
activities. However, I have written to the EU President, as well as
to the Commission and the President of the European Parliament,
raising the above issues. I have also signed a joint letter from the
peace movement to Tony Blair.

4. Dates for the Diary

30 July, Voices for Lebanon and Palestine Rally, Trafalgar Square
6 August, The Peace Cycle - London to Jerusalem bike ride for peace.
See http://www.thepeacecycle.org
6 August, Hiroshima Day and 9 August, Nagasaki Day
10 August, proposed International Day for the victims of chemical
20 August 2006, Capital Age Festival, Bernie Spain Gardens, central
2 September, Jean speaking at the CND Preventing Trident Replacement
Conference, TUC Congress House, London
5 September, Jean hosting an event on Free Movement with the European
Citizen Action Service, Strasbourg
13 September, Launch of EU Report on social exclusion of young gay
people, Brussels
21-24 September, Green Party Conference, Hove
22 September, 'The future of public services' at Green Party
conference, with Jean and speaker from European Federation of Public
Service Unions, EPSU.
23 September, 'No Trident Replacement' and anti-war demonstration,

5. Previous Newsletters

For previous Newsletters see Jean's website - http://

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