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1. London and UK
2. Brussels and Beyond
3. Comment on Current Affairs
4. Dates for the Diary
5. Previous Newsletters

1. London and UK

Jean Elected to Liberty's Council
At Liberty's AGM, Jean was elected to the organisation's Council
body. As a longstanding supporter of Liberty's work, Jean was
extremely pleased to be elected to the Council, and will be working
to further Liberty's key aim of protecting civil liberties.

International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO)
IDAHO is marked every year on 17 May - the day the World Health
organisation finally removed homosexuality from its list of mental
disorders. In a statement of support, Jean emphasised the importance
of eliminating homophobia from the world completely.

Fair Trade Day
As the international celebration of fair trade took place around the
world on 13th May, Jean called for the UK to really make a difference
and buy fair trade goods everyday of the year, not just on World Fair
Trade Day.

Guantanamo Bay Seminar
Jean chaired a seminar on Guantanamo Bay, hosted by the Institute of
Race Relations. The main speaker was Victoria Brittain, journalist
and co-author, with Moazzem Begg, of Enemy Combatant: a British
Muslim's journey to Guantanamo and, with Gillian Slovo, of the play
Guantanamo: honour bound to defend freedom.

Westminster Meeting on Human Rights in Turkey
Jean was one of the key speakers at a meeting in the House of Lords
on violence and repression of the Kurds in Turkey. Other speakers
included members of a recent fact-finding mission to Turkey,
including the chair of the Bar Human Rights Committee.

Sikh Remembrance Event, Trafalgar Square
Jean supported this event, organised by London Sikhs. The event
commemorated the tragic events of June 1984 in Amritsar, Panjab and
the need for justice for the victims. The military crackdown in
Panjab in June 1984, resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of
Sikh civilians during the attack on the Golden Temple complex. Jean
gave a video message in support of the event and issued a public

Working Lives Research Institute
As a member of the advisory board to the WLRI, based at London
Metropolitan University, Jean participated in a meeting which
discussed issues of racism and discrimination faced by Londoners in
the workplace, and Health and Safety Executive concerns relating to
safety issues for migrant workers.

Nurses Day
To mark Nurses Day 2006 Jean praised the dedication and invaluable
care nurses give to the profession and warned against NHS staffing
cuts that would stretch nurses to the limit under pressure but would
ultimately effect standards within the NHS.

Local Election Night, 4 May
On election night, Jean was one of the guests on the late night BBC 1
Local Election Programme with David Dimbleby, commenting on the
results as they cam in. Jean was thrilled to be able to talk about
Green gains! The Greens went from 1 to 12 seats in London, and made
gains elsewhere in the UK, holding all seats they were defending.

Visit to RSPB Reserve, Rainham Marshes
Jean was given a guided tour of RSPB's large reserve on the eastern
edge of London. Jean met the RSPB's European Manager and the Rainham
reserve Manager, and discussed key issues of importance for the
organisation and the reserve. Jean is keen to continue to support the
protection of London's wildlife, habitats and open spaces.

World Environment Day and the Big Recycle
As the Big Recycle kicked off on World Environment Day, Jean gave
Londoners a few handy tips as to how they could make recycling and
green thinking part of everyday life including; using water wisely;
recycling all materials possible; installing a compost bin and water
butt; and switching to energy saving light bulbs.

Compost Awareness Week
With over 30 million tonnes of municipal waste produced in the UK
every year Jean marked Compost Awareness week (7 13 May) by urging
the UK to think before they bin their rubbish and compost their waste
into the garden instead of the landfill site.

Constituents' Concerns
Many constituents have written concerning Ernesto Leal. Ernesto, a
Hackney resident living in the UK for many years, following his exile
from Chile, was recently arrested and is being unfairly threatened
with deportation. Jean has raised these concerns with the Home
Office. More information can be found at: www.friendsofernesto.org.uk.

2. Brussels and Beyond

Social Inclusion DVD
For two days, Jean was filmed in the European Parliament by
journalists from Redcurrent Films and Newham Sixth Form College. The
team are making a DVD on how the EU impacts on social inclusion.
Filming will also take place in London.

Young Solicitors Visit
Jean hosted a Parliamentary visit by the Young Solicitors Group. The
visit comprised of a talk, tour of the Plenary chamber and a question
and answer session with Jean. The group posed a variety of questions
on issues ranging from a typical MEP day to Europe's role in
safeguarding the environment.

Sustainable Development
Jean, as the Employment Committee representative on the Sustainable
Development Strategy, made a valuable contribution to the recent
Austrian Presidency report in which "green training" is now
highlighted as a vital aspect of sustainable development.

Shadowing Scheme
Jean was joined for a day by Emma Haddad from the Home Office as part
of a scheme to increase understanding of the relationship between the
UK and EU. Emma participated in meetings which Jean held with the
Jesuit Refugee Service and with a research fellow from the Centre for
European Policy Studies.

With Services of General Interest now high on Parliament's agenda,
Jean took part in the Group press conference on this issue. Jean re-
iterated the Group position that such services need to be protected
from competition rules and be reinforced and developed.

Anti-Racism Lunch
As Vice President of the Anti-Racism Inter-group, Jean took part in a
working lunch at which Jenny Watson, Chair Equal Opportunities
Commission initiated an informal discussion on the interaction
between race and gender discrimination.

Anti Gypyism
Along with Claude Moraes, Jean concluded this morning conference
which looked into media representations of the Roma community.


In the May Strasbourg Session we heard speeches from Bolivian
President Morales and Mahmoud Abbas who stated "there is a
Palestinian partner for peace with Israel". MEPs voted on food safety
and debated human rights in the world. On the issue of enlargement,
it was concluded that Romania and Bulgaria would be able to join the
EU in 2007 if they resolve remaining failings.

Jean held several meetings in Strasbourg including a discussion on
asylum returns with the Report's Author, a meeting with the Sri
Lankan Ambassador (Jean was involved in the drafting of the
Resolution on Sri Lanka) and Lunch with the President of Greece.

Chemicals Written Declaration
Jean is author of the current Written Declaration on Chemical Weapons
- http://www.jeanlambertmep.org.uk/downloads/reports/WDChemical.doc.
It calls for a world wide ban on chemical weapons and remembers those
who have been affected by their use. Because the Declaration will
lapse on the 26 July, we ask that you write to your MEPs urging them
to sign. To find out how to contact your MEPs see http://

Jean in Washington - CIA

Jean is a member of the European Parliament Temporary Committee which
is investigating CIA involvement into extra-ordinary rendition
flights on EU soil. Jean and other MEPs travelled to the US on a fact
finding mission. Unfortunately, few politicians or journalists were
willing to go "on the record" with their findings. Moreover, the Bush
Administration was reluctant to openly cooperate - in the end the
delegation was met by John Bellinger, top legal adviser to US
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He flatly denied any wrong doing
by the CIA.

Jean in Glasgow - ECRE

Jean gave a key note speech at the European Council on Refugees and
Exile's Spring Conference in Glasgow. The event aimed to inform the
ECRE membership of ways to increase their involvement in shaping the
European policy agenda.

3. Comment on Current Affairs

Letter from Jean Lambert printed in the Guardian on 18th May 2006
'Another Atomic Age for Britain?'.

It would seem Tony Blair has confirmed his decision to embark on the
unnecessary road to nuclear power without giving any consideration to
the alternatives. There are 21 renewable technologies available in
the UK that are affordable, safe and clean and do not threaten the

But Blair's reluctance to explore these possibilities means he may
never realise that the UK has the ability to meet its electricity
needs three times over with the use of wind power at sea alone.

Instead of paying for nuclear power Blair should be investing in a
future of renewable energy, devoting his attention to fixing the
"technical problems" he sees with wind and solar power. Nuclear power
doesn't provide a solution to climate change and can only bring
danger and disruption to the UK.

4. Diary Dates

3-11 June, Stop the Arms Trade Week
4-18 June, London Sustainability Weeks, across London.
7-9 June, European Parliament Delegation visit to asylum centres,
Canary Isles
22 June, EPSU Conference on Services of General Interest, Brussels
27 June, POLIS meeting on Transport and Social Inclusion, Brussels
1 July, Europride, London
19 July, National Mammal Week
7 July, 1st Anniversary of London Bombings
8 July, Rise: London United Festival, Finsbury Park.
9 July, International Gun Destruction Day
1516 July, Sport Relief
22 July, Big Gay Out

5. Previous Newsletters
For previous Newsletters see Jean's website - http://

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