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عدد مرات القراءة 19662006-05-04

Newsletter of Jean Lambert - London's Green MEP

1. UK and London
2. Constituents' Concerns
3. Brussels and Strasbourg
4. Delegation Visit to India
5. Comment on Current Affairs
6. Dates for the Diary

1. UK and London

International Day Against Homophobia

To mark the campaign launch of the International Day Against Homophobia,
Jean spoke at the UK event at the Amnesty International building. Jean
drew attention to recent situation in EU countries such as Poland and
Latvia, where homophobic behaviour has been encouraged. She called for
the need to ensure that Europe doesn't see homophobic acts as
acceptable, and for continued protection for those in danger. IDAHO will
be marked every year on 17 May - the day the World Health organisation
finally removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.

Thames Gateway Bridge

Jean gave a public speech opposing the Thames Gateway Bridge at a
dedicated public meeting organised by Greenwich Green Party in
Thamesmead, near to where the bridge is planned. The event proved to be
a good opportunity for campaigners to further strengthen their case
against the Bridge. Jean focused on the problems of increased traffic,
poor air quality and its health impacts, and questioned the proposer's
'regeneration' claims. Jean has also submitted an objection to the
Public Inquiry on the bridge, which continues through April. Her
submission can be found on the online version of the newsletter on
Jean's website.

Green Party Local Election launch

Jean chaired the Green Party's Local Election launch event in central
London. The election is on Thursday 4 May.

Third Age Foundation

Jean spoke at the annual event of the Third Age Foundation in
Hammersmith, where certificates were awarded to older people gaining new
skills. Third Age Foundation, which receives EU funding, works to combat
ageism and help older people update their skills to find a new direction
at work. Jean is the Vice President of the Parliament's Intergroup on
Ageing and a member of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee.

Barkingside 21

Jean spoke at the annual meeting of Barkingside 21, a local environment
group in Redbridge. She told the meeting about her work in the European
Parliament and the role of the EU in environment policy.

Network for Peace public meeting

Jean was the guest speaker at the Network for Peace public meeting
'Security, Civil Liberties and Peace' at Conway Hall in central London.
Jean focused on the need to defend civil liberties and promote peace in
the current climate.

Yom Hashoah Commemoration

Jean attended the Yom Hashoah ceremony in Bloomsbury, to commemorate the
Jewish holocaust and the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

Real Nappy Week

Jean gave her support to Real Nappy Week at the end of April. Parents,
organisations and over 150 parliamentarians celebrated the 10th
Anniversary of the event organised by the Women’s Environmental Network
(WEN). With eight million nappies being thrown away everyday and 90% of
these ending up in landfill Jean was pleased to see that more and more
parents are choosing to use renewable nappies.


20 years on from the world's worst nuclear accident in Chernobyl Jean
remembered those that lost their lives. She warned that a nuclear future
for the UK is simply too dangerous and cannot be justified.

2. Constituents' Concerns

Issues of concern have included the suspension of EU funds from the
Palestinian Authority, and the impact of the Restriction of Hazardous
Substances Directive on the production of (lead) organ pipes. Jean
continues to support individual cases, mostly in relation to asylum and
planning issues.

3. Brussels and Strasbourg


In Strasbourg Jean gave two speeches to the Plenary, the first on
European Parliament Delegation visits to asylum camps and the second
regarding the transitional arrangements some member states have in place
that restrict worker mobility. The speech can be viewed below.


Jean co-hosted a Parliamentary reception with the European Council on
Refugees and Exiles. The event marked the launch of their new report The
Way Forward - an agenda for change a document designed to positively
influence debate on refugee policy via a series of constructive

Questions to the Commission

Following work with the Asian Human Rights Commission, Jean submitted a
Priority Written Question on human rights abuses and flawed judicial
procedures in Thailand.

Written Declarations

Jean authored a Written Declaration calling on the Council to propose to
the UN that 10th August be set aside each year as an international day
to commemorate all those who have suffered from use of chemical weapons.
Jean also co-authored a Written Declaration on the punitive treatment of
political and human rights activists in parts of India.

Letters to the Commission

In response to constituent concerns, Jean wrote to Commissioner Waldner
concerning the former Palestinian Parliamentarian, Hussam Khader, who
was arrested over three years ago and sentenced by an Israeli Military
Court in November 2005 following an unfair trail. Jean also requested
clarification from Commissioner Dimas as to how the Restriction of
Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive will affect the production of
organ pipes

Elaine leaves

We were very sorry to say goodbye to Elaine Mahon who has been working
in the Brussels office for the past six months. During that time, Elaine
volunteered to monitor the election in Belarus. An account of her
experience can be viewed on Jean's website.

4. Delegation visit to India

Jean as part of the European SAARC Delegation, spent over a week in
India meeting with communities, NGOs, business and media
representatives. Jean was particularly pleased to meet with the Chief
Minister of Dheli which is twinned with London.

5. Comment on Current Affairs

Jean's speech to the Plenary, 4 April 2006 - Worker Mobility

Equality of treatment is a key principle for European citizens, which
should apply to employment conditions and access to services within our
Member States across the Union. However, in a debate where we are
talking about third-country nationals, it is crucial that we are also
very clear – as the rapporteur has been – that we are not talking about
rolling back the hard-won rights of those individuals, but extending the
rights to which our new Member States are entitled.

We have heard a number of arguments over the past few months in favour
of maintaining transitional periods. Many of us here do not find them
convincing. We believe that what we are seeing is – as has already been
mentioned – evidence of irregular employment and false claims about
self-employment. I am willing to bet that in all our countries we have a
number of Member States’ citizens in unclear situations.

When the UK introduced its worker registration scheme for nationals of
the A8 countries, it found that 40% of the Polish people who registered
were already in the UK. I believe that is evidence that people want to
work legally. We need to encourage them to do that. We need better
information in advance, more effort on inspection and supporting
whistle-blowers, and greater clarity about people’s rights, so we do not
see the exploitation that Mr Cottigny has referred to, which threatens
to undercut working conditions and exploits individuals. It is much
easier to demand equality of treatment when you have clear rights.

The UK – as has been said – has opened access, with certain shifts on
social security. We have had a range of workers, of all skill levels. We
found no discernible statistical evidence of an increase in social
benefit claims. The economic impact is seen to be modest, and the
numbers started slowing towards the end of last year.

6. Dates for the Diary

4 May, London local elections

8-12 May, European Parliament CIA Investigation Delegation visit to

9th May, Europe Day

17 May, International Day Against Homophobia

20 May, Liberty AGM , London

13th May, World Fair Trade Day

20th May, Cultural Diversity Day

24th May, 30th June - Nationwide Knives Amnesty

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